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Murray Campsite Bibbulmun Track

Swamp Oak to Murray

Bibbulmun Track


Swamp Oak


4-7 Hours



Date Hiked

3rd June 2018



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Wiilman People

The Hike - After a great first day of hiking between Dwellingup and Swamp Oak, today would be the first full day on the track for the trip. Despite the cold night (overnight temp was 0C at Dwellingup) we were in good spirits and raring to head out and warm the bodies up with some good old fashioned movement. A breakfast consisting of a Clif Bar and coffee was enough as we had a bit of a lazy start packing things away and checking out the shelter we didn't see the afternoon before. Setting off a bit before 9am we were all rugged up with jackets and beanies trying to ward off the frosty morning air. The section leading out of camp is through open Jarrah forest on single track with several large specimens towering into the light mist.