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Kingdom of Py Bibbulmun Track

Possum Springs to Yourdamung

Bibbulmun Track


Possum Springs


4-7 Hours



Date Hiked

6th June 2018



Campsite Style




Traditional Custodians

Wiilman & Kaniyang People

The Hike - Day Five of a weeklong trip and it felt like we'd hit our strides after a tough, wet day from Dookanelly to Possum Springs. Hoping for a warmer night with the previous day’s rain, a clear sunset meant we would be in for another cold one and that turned out to be the case. Our reward though was a glorious sunrise that was worth getting out of the warm confines of our sleeping bags to photograph the majestic scenes. With sun streaming into the new rammed earth shelter I thought to myself that the Macklemore song playing right now would be great and voiced that opinion to Aron. Shortly after that he teed up the tune and it became a reality. With a great sunrise we were in a great mood but we then realised our soggy clothing and boots had not dried that much overnight.