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Monkey Rock Bibbulmun Track

William Bay to Denmark

Bibbulmun Track


William Bay


5-8 Hours



Date Hiked

22nd September 2019



Campsite Style

Track Town



Traditional Custodians

Minang People

The Hike - The final day of my Walpole to Denmark stretch but as circumstance would have it, the second day of my Parry Beach to Albany expedition that would see me complete a sectional end to end. The clouds that had rolled in the previous afternoon had hung around overnight, meaning I was occasionally woken up by rain on the roof. This meant my plans to wake up early and catch the sunrise from the great lookout near camp also fell apart as it was a very grey morning. I still did it anyway and although I wasn't greeted with a golden glow, you still can't argue with waking up to sweeping ocean views from a granite platform. While I was watching and waiting, I saw some birds in the distance flying in the V formation that made me nostalgic for watching the Mighty Ducks movies.