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Overland Track Tasmania

Overland Track

Cradle Mountain-lake St Clair National Park

One of the most iconic multiday hikes in Australia, the Overland Track traverses through the mountainous interior of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania, taking you past some absolutely spectacular scenery. Ranging from mountain peaks to buttongrass plains to glacial valleys carved out during the ice ages, you are treated to beautiful landscapes wherever you look.


The main track is 78 kilometres running from Cradle Mountain in the north down to Lake St Clair in the south, with each day providing one or more side trips, ranging from mountain summits to alpine lakes to cascading waterfalls. With excellent facilities at the end of each day, you can put your feet up, enjoy a meal in comfort, or socialise with the 34 other hikers that started on the same day as you.

Getting There - You can choose to stay in the Cradle Mountain area, with plenty of accommodation options in or near the national park, or book one of the many transport operators that can pick you up in Hobart or Launceston and drop you at the start.

Campsites - There are multiple campsites along the track, with many receiving upgrades over past few years. Each hut has toilets, a water tank, kitchen/common area, bunk style rooms, heaters and areas to hang your gear. There are also tent platforms available if you don't want to stay in the bunk rooms.

Water - There is typically one or two water tanks at each campsite, and it is recommended that you treat or boil the water before drinking. Along with the water tanks, there are usually streams or creeks along each day where you can fill up water bottles. It is not advisable to do this before Kitchen Hut given the high foot traffic through the first section.

Guidebook - Tasmania Parks provides a basic guidebook when you book online, and this is broken up into the sections, with other useful information included. John Chapman also has a guidebook for the Overland Track, including many of the popular side trips.

Safety - You'll get a safety briefing by the rangers before you start but pay attention to the gear list provided when you book the trip. This is an alpine hike and conditions can change rapidly. Always carry a PLB and do not overestimate your abilities as the area is extremely remote and rescue is not an easy task. 

Below are links to a day by day account of my January 2024 hike with all the information and photos you'll need to help plan your own epic adventure. If you're following in real time then each section will get added as they are finished.

Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley

Length - 14.2km

Vertical Climb - 834m

Side Trips - Cradle Mountain

A fantastic way to start the Overland Track, hike up from Ronny Creek towards Cradle Mountain, before descending down to Waterfall Valley Hut.

Overland Track Guide
Overland Track Blog
Hiking the Overland Track
Lake Windermere on the Overland Track
Photo from the Overland Track
Hiking the Overland Track

Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere

Length - 20.9km

Vertical Climb - 876m

Side Trips - Barn Bluff, Lake Will

Making your way from Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere, walk through buttongrass plains and past alpine tarns, with optional side trips to extend the day.

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