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Blackwood Campsite Bibbulmun Track

Balingup to Blackwood

Bibbulmun Track




4-7 Hours



Date Hiked

19th September 2018



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

Directions - Being a small country town, Balingup is quite easy to navigate around and entering/leaving town is quite easy. For southbound travellers follow South West Highway south from the visitor centre, crossing the road when you see the bus stop. Continue down South West Highway until you reach Southampton Rd and follow the waugyls towards the Golden Valley Tree Park.

The Hike - The plan after completing the Collie to Balingup section of the Bibbulmun Track was always to continue on to Donnelly River and plug another gap in my sectional E2E. That was the plan but I arrived in Balingup with a bit of bruising on the balls of my feet and a lovely pub meal/red wine wasn't really going to fix it overnight. Added to this was an uncomfortable nights sleep with what felt like the start of a sinus infection (something that will linger over the next three days) and I woke up having serious thoughts about postponing this section for another time.