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Tom Road Campsite Bibbulmun Track

Donnelly River to Tom Road

Bibbulmun Track


Donnelly River


4-6 Hours


Tom Road

Date Hiked

18th June 2017



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

The Hike - After selling my soul as a young man to the world of finance and big banks for ten years of service, I found myself at the ripe old age of 31 having 13 weeks of long service leave up my sleeve. A trip to Europe for four weeks was already on the cards so I decided to use a bit more of my leave and spend a few days out on the Bibbulmun Track to take some "me time" away from the soul sucking grind of the daily hamster wheel (I exaggerate) and get the body in tip top shape for the European summer. Now I just needed a section to do and one that immediately came to mind was Donnelly River to Pemberton. I absolutely love the Karri forests and the thought of spending five days wandering in-between the giants of the forest and staying in some of the best huts on the track was too good to pass up.