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Karri Forest Bibbulmun Track

Beedelup to Pemberton

Bibbulmun Track




5-8 Hours



Date Hiked

21st June 2017



Campsite Style

Track Town



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

The Hike - So here it is, my final day on the Bibbulmun for this section and it would be the longest day of the trip. It had rained on and off all night but I still managed a decent sleep thanks to my headphones cancelling out the sound of rain on the shelter roof. Thankfully it had stopped by the time the sun rose and I started to pack up. Skipping breakfast because muesli and powdered milk was too much to handle for the fourth straight day, I was ready to go by a leisurely 8am and feeling good about my final 24km into Pemberton. With zero mobile reception the whole trip I was still under the impression that today would be stormy so left my pack cover on and started at a decent pace just in case. I hadn't spent a lot of time exploring the Beedelup Campsite so I wasn't as sad to leave it like I had been the others.