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Jarrah Forest Bibbulmun Track

Nerang to Gringer Creek

Bibbulmun Track




4-6 Hours


Gringer Creek

Date Hiked

28th July 2019



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Wiilman People

The Hike - With an overnight hike planned in late July to plug in a gap in my sectional end to end, I had a good night staying at Nerang with no issues sleeping in the shelter. With a nice finish to the day into Nerang, I was looking forward to more of the enjoyable forest I had experienced. Having forgotten about Gringer Creek in our Darling Range podcast episode, I was keen to see what was out here that made it so forgettable for Donovan (I had somewhat of an excuse). I was kind of expecting another very flat day through the forest but it turned out to be not super hilly but there were a couple of slight bumps to get over during the day. With the track now extending away from the popular areas around the Perth Hills, the days are starting to become longer (kilometre wise) and this is the longest campsite to campsite section so far.