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Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Deepdene to Cape Leeuwin

Cape to Cape Track

The Hike - The final section of my six day Cape to Cape Adventure and after a lovely morning walking along limestone platforms, past large granite boulders and on beaches, I had 15km of mostly beach and cliff walking until I reached Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Having caught the two ladies I had met the previous day tackling the tough beach stretch into Hamelin Bay, I decided that some company would be nice and joined them as we walked towards the Turner Brook crossing. At this point I had my shoes off and tied to my bag so was enjoying the feeling of sad between my toes. The ladies were sticking to the high parts of the beach and while I had found the area closer to the water was harder, it wasn't always the case with big soft spots so we all elected to take the known evil closer to the dunes. With the skies getting darker off to the west, we got one good view looking towards the lighthouse in the distance as the sun illuminated the white tower.