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Lake Maringup to Dog Pool Bibbulmun Track

Lake Maringup to Dog Pool

Bibbulmun Track


Lake Maringup


5-9 Hours


Dog Pool

Date Hiked

3rd June 2018



Campsite Style




Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

The Hike - A beautiful afternoon and evening at the Lake Maringup continued into the morning with another comfortable sleep thanks to my upgraded sleeping mat and new socks. With a late sunrise I found myself awake before dawn and kept an eye out of my tent at the dark skies to make sure I was up and about for the pre-dawn light show and eventually the sunrise. Noticing a change in the light I extracted myself from the warmth of my sleeping bag and put the thongs on to go inspect the changing light from the edge of Lake Maringup. It was a beautiful spectacle as a tiny sliver of cloud added just enough for the light to bounce off it and settle in all kinds of lovely warm tones. Initially a deep orange and yellow, as the sun edged ever closer to the horizon the sky changed to a purple and then finally a blue hue.