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Bibbulmun Track near Pemberton

Pemberton to Warren

Bibbulmun Track




5-8 Hours



Date Hiked

2nd August 2018



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

Directions - Funny enough, for a southbound walker you head north east on Brockman St from the Visitor Centre until you reach Ellis St where you turn right. Follow this past the old cinema all the way to the end where it turns left into Kennedy St. Follow this road past the DBCA offices and turn right onto Burma Rd. 


The Hike - With the goal of completing my sectional end to end in the next couple of years, I had the first week in August of 2018 pencilled in to complete the relatively small section between Pemberton and Northcliffe. Wanting to get that period between the wildflower season starting and the fungi season ending, as well as having plenty of water flowing in the streams and rivers, this was my ideal time for some relaxation in the Karri forest. Having spent a week and a half in the red earth exploring the Pilbara two weeks prior, I was really excited to immerse myself in the damp greenness of the forest and enjoy a few days wandering around.

With a couple of days booked off work including my annual "Wellness Day" (it's a thing), I drove down to my parents place in Funbury after a Survivor viewing on the Wednesday night. The forecast was for plenty of rain and the potential for storms but I was hoping the heavier stuff would blow over on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. The drive down proved this theory right as I was on level three wipers on several occasions and the wind was howling. A peaceful night’s sleep was had after the drive and I awoke to a good helping of Dad's famous pancakes (thanks Dad!!!). Still having another couple of hours to reach the drop off point for my car at Northcliffe and then to the start in Pemberton we headed off in the pouring rain. With everything in place Dad treated me to a hot chocolate and muffin at Cafe Brasil because it was cash only and I only had my card (I still owe him $20). I suggested Dad visit a few of the great places around Pemberton like the Cascades and Beedelup Falls while he was in the area before thanking him and departing on my way. I always find Pemberton a bit of an odd place given it is meant to be the heart of the Karri growing region but is so open and exposed. Getting off the main road leading through town gives you a better feeling as you pass the old cinema and several rustic cottages.


A smile came over my face as I passed Sadie's Restaurant and I pictured my dog’s cute little face. The necessary road walking is not the greatest way to start a three day journey but just after the high school you are thrust into the forest and on a paved track shared by the Bibbulmun and Munda Biddi. A crack of thunder roared out from the distance as a sort of welcome to the area and I couldn't wait to get started. The heavy rain that had been around in patches all morning had subsided to a drizzle and the sun was even starting to peak through the overbearing canopy up ahead. The walk to the Gloucester Tree was a pleasant one even though I'm not a big fan of paved paths and soon I arrived at the first highlight of the day. Given the dodgy weather and my slight dislike of heights I would skip climbing up this WA icon and the couple who were there at the time looked similarly apprehensive. They looked me up and down with my oversized rain jacket, bright orange pack cover and soggy hair and wished me good luck for the next few days. Having completed this next section of the track while exploring the Gloucester Route a couple of years ago I was excited to check out the massive moss covered Karri trees that the trail has to skirt around.