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Bluff Knoll Sunrise

Why Albany is a Hiking Paradise

Variety they say is the spice of life and this is particularly pertinent to the greater Albany region. You want mountains, go explore some mountains. Feel like the beach then find your feet gracing endless pristine white floors of perfection. Ancient forests, staring into the wild abyss of the Southern Ocean, urban walks exploring the town's rich history, gentle wildflower filled river walks and so much more awaits you just 450km south of Perth. 

This may read like my own personal love letter to this great town but there are so many reasons to consider spending a week or two exploring this piece of hiking paradise nestled on the rugged south coast of Western Australia. With so many different experiences, take a look at the map and choose your own adventure. Besides the occasional day or two over 30 degrees, Albany is perfect all year round provided you don't mind a bit of rain.

Torndirrup National Park
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