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Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires Lodge to Launceston

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

The Hike - The final day on what had been a fantastic experience was upon us and much like the previous two mornings I was up early to take in the sunrise. With a fluttering of cloud cover spreading out from the horizon it was clear that this was going to be a much better event than the previous day. Changing from a Vanilla Sky dream sequence to a burning orange and then settling on a fairy floss colour palette for the final part of the show, this was a very enjoyable sunrise from a pretty amazing spot. While not as dramatic as the previous morning, there was a pleasant subtlety to the display on this occasion. With the kitchen a buzz with guides preparing the morning meal I ventured in to grab a coffee before heading outside to enjoy the last of the candied skies. The previous night Joel had explained that today would be a very relaxing lounge around the lodge where we could do whatever we wanted before walking out around midday for the return back to Launceston.