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Schafer to Northcliffe Bibbulmun Track

Schafer to Northcliffe

Bibbulmun Track




3-4 Hours



Date Hiked

4th August 2018



Campsite Style

Track Town



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

The Hike - Waking up to another beautiful morning on the track, this would be the last day of my trip and also the shortest in terms of length at only 14.1km. Setting off at around my usual time (8:30am) this would be a fairly gentle day and a bit of a change from the Karri dominated experience of the previous two days. With my pack on and the weather looking good I decided to leave the rain cover off the pack but I made it about 100m before it started to rain out of nowhere. The sunny skies quickly turned to overcast and with my pack cover now on I set about leaving Schafer Campsite on the straight 4x4 track heading due south. A fairly easy start to the morning was made a bit more difficult when my hopes for a day of dry socks was dashed after a few hundred metres. The 4x4 track had become inundated after the overnight rains and there was no option to go around without disturbing a whole lot of undergrowth so I just waded straight through the skin deep water and embraced that cold and wet feeling of soggy socks.