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River Road Bridge Bibbulmun Track

Warren to Schafer

Bibbulmun Track




4-7 Hours



Date Hiked

3rd August 2018



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People

The Hike - With the longest day out of the way between Pemberton and the Warren Campsite I enjoyed a lovely relaxing sleep listening to the rain fall on the roof of the shelter. Another lonesome night in a Bibbulmun campsite was fine with me as I headed to bed early to watch a movie and drink some wine. The wild weather continued overnight and I was woken a couple of times by debris hitting the shelter roof or a heavy downpour causing a racket. Waking up to a grey and drizzly morning I was excited to spend another day in the wet Karri forest (I love the wet weather). Being a short three day trip I hadn't gone all out and brought muesli for breakfast but once again I'd lost my appetite so only ate half while I enjoyed another hot chocolate. I had packed everything up very slowly and was just about to depart when a heavy shower passed over, proving that never being in a hurry on the Bibb can be a good thing.