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Jarrah Forest on the Bibbulmun Track

Noggerup to Grimwade

Bibbulmun Track




5-8 Hours



Date Hiked

17th September 2018



Campsite Style




Traditional Custodians

Kaniyang People

The Hike - With overnight rain arriving, my run of good weather had come to an end but I do enjoy a drizzly day in the forest so was happy for the change. My fellow campsite users were up and about as I went to get water for a morning beverage. Given our short conversations last night I was confident they were not hiking all the way to Grimwade today as they were "taking it easy" and doing some "off-track hiking". I packed up my wet tent and possessions before filling up my water bottles and finally departed just after 9am. Refusing a generous offer of a joint from the two middle aged stoners, I was happy to be back on my own as I re-joined the 4x4 track that led in and out of camp. Making sure I exited the correct way, the start of the day involved some lovely mature Jarrah forest with a good variety of wildflowers and some fungi. Starting with a moderate hill is not a polite way to begin your day but it hardly seemed like any effort with all the colour dotting the forest floor.