Northcliffe to Walpole

Bibbulmun Track




5-8 Days



Date Hiked

June 2018




7 Total



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman & Minang People 

One of the most varied sections of the track and one of spectacular beauty, Northcliffe to Walpole is also one of the most divisive. Seasonal flooding affects the area known as the Pingerup Plains so if you tackle this section in winter or spring then there is a chance you'll be spending days on end wading knee or sometimes waist deep in water. In drier times this area is very pleasant, being touted as one of the most remote and wilder sections of the track. As you traverse the landscape, your day might take you from Karri forest to open plains to meandering along a river to walking along the coastline. Southbound walkers will experience the might of the Southern Ocean for the first time while northbound walkers will leave the dunes behind and enter the beautiful forests of the South West all the way up to Kalamunda. 


Length - 15.8km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 254m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Karri Forest, Gardner River 

Lake Maringup-109.jpg
Lake Maringup-25.jpg

Length - 17.1km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 285m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Lake Maringup, Gardner River

Dog Pool-44.jpg

Length - 25.9km 

Time - 5-9 hours

Vertical Climb - 540m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Open Plains, Karri Forest

Dog Pool-22.jpg
Mt Chance-54.jpg
Mt Chance-107.jpg

Length - 20.1km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 361m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Marron Road, Mt Chance


Length - 23.1km 

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 386m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Pingerup Plains, Mt Pingerup

Long Point-66.jpg
Long Point-144.jpg

Length - 18.7km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 367m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Mandalay Beach, Little Long Point


Length - 23.5km 

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 508m

Shelter Style - Track Town

Highlights - Mt Clare, Tingle Forest


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