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Surprise Beach South Coast Track

Osmiridium Beach to Granite Beach

South Coast Track

The Hike - After putting in the hard yards over the first four days, Day Five could almost be thought of as a rest day in comparison. With only 10.5km of walking to get through and a couple of beach sections, this would be the easiest day of the whole trip and a chance for us to spend some quality time at a campsite for once. With no real rush to get going, I enjoyed being a toasty burrito in my sleeping bag, thanks to the coolest night we had experienced so far. With a packed crowd at the Osmiridium Beach Campsite, we had a bit of a chat to a few people over the course of packing up our gear, with a lot of the focus being on the quality of the dark brown creek water we were all sourcing near camp (see the top of the first photo below).