5 Best Hiking Trails in Perth

Those of us living in Perth are so lucky to have an assortment of great hiking trails within an hour or so of the city centre. After spending the past few winters experiencing some of the best hiking spots in Perth, this is my list of the top trails you should make the time to visit.

Having talked about my Top 5 Hikes in Perth on Real Trail Talk, I thought it was best to update this page to reflect my updates on my original post.


Click on the arrows to find out more information about the hikes and for a full description with more photos be sure to click the links in each section. If you are after more information about day hikes in Perth then visit my summary page to see more.

5. Kitty's Gorge

4. Gabbi Karniny Bidi

3. Kattamordo HT

2. numbat trail

1. sullivan rock

Do you agree with the list or is there a trail I have left off in your opinion?


Let me know in the comments section below.

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For more great hikes in the Perth region click on the below link and scroll through the options.

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