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Hamelin Bay Cape to Cape Track

Contos to Hamelin Bay

Cape to Cape Track

The Hike - The penultimate day of my Cape to Cape Adventure and what a wild night it was. Waking up every now and then to a strong blast of wind or a heavy shower, I am pleased to report that the Nemo Hornet stood up to the challenge quite well. With the worst weather of the week forecast to hit this coming day, I was very happy that the first 15km or so would be spent hiking through the inland forests where I would be somewhat protected. Having prepared what I could the previous afternoon including topping up my water bladder, I could enjoy the toasty burrito sensation for a while longer today. I didn't want to chance the weather too much and with a sunny period in between a couple of showers, I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to speed pack everything and get going. Dismantling a wet tent is never a fun activity and I doubted I would get a chance to dry it out during the day so had to use the winds to my advantage and shake it out as best I could. Luckily the Nemo has two grab handles that form part of the weatherproofed tub/wall so you just hold those and shake.