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Bobs Hollow

Prevelly to Contos

Cape to Cape Track

The Hike - Day Four on the Cape to Cape and after a long 30km day yesterday, I slept like a rock in my cabin at the Prevelly Holiday Park. While not the Grand Budapest Hotel, it was an upgrade over my sleeping mat and it meant I didn't have to spend time packing up  sleeping gear in the morning. This meant extra time to rest before heading off and I put that to good use. With a much shorter day on the cards, I laid in bed listening to the showers as they passed through and also catching up on the socials. The previous night I had noticed that Michelle from WalkingTwoByTwo was in the area so sent her a message to see where she was. We organised a breakfast catch-up so I just had to be at the Sea Garden Café by 9am with all my gear. Packing and reorganising my gear into dry bags took a little longer than expected but I made it and met her just after 9am. Michelle was here scoping out the new realignment I was walking this morning for the next edition of her Cape to Cape guidebook, along with having a guiding trip in the near future. We spent time talking about her new business, Feed the Hike (use the code PY5 for 5% a great range of fresh, quality dehydrated soups and extras), along with how I was finding the track so far.