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Joeys Nose Kilcarnup Beach

Ellensbrook to Prevelly

Cape to Cape Track

The Hike - Part Two of my Moses Rock to Prevelly section after I decided to extend this day and beat the weather that was due to hit that night. Relaxing by the brook was fun and it would have been nice to spend the afternoon at Ellensbrook but I had places to be. I'm not going to lie, the allure of a comfy bed and hot meal at Prevelly had me excited but the thought of doing this 10km section plus another 18km into Contos in strong winds and rain was the biggest factor at play. With my bag all packed away, shoes on and a can-do attitude, I headed off to re-join the Cape to Cape as it headed south out of the campsite. While the walk into camp had been a delight with the mixed Peppermint/Marri/Jarrah forest, just south of camp sees the introduction of the first Karri forest of the Cape to Cape. Not quite the giants you get further inland or on the south coast, it was nice to see these smooth barked beauties after days of coastal walking.