Denmark to Albany

Bibbulmun Track




3-6 Days



Date Hiked

September 2019




5 Total



Traditional Custodians

Minang People 

The final town to town section of the Bibbulmun Track, explore the coastal cliffs and dune system as you head into Albany and finish at the Southern Terminus. With some of the best beaches, limestone cliffs and mesmerising ocean views from the track, this is a dramatic and satisfying way to end a 1000km journey. With plenty of highlights to enjoy along the way including West Cape Howe, Cosy Corner, the Albany Wind Farm and Princess Royal Harbour, there is a lot to keep you entertained as you walk along here. Finish in one of Western Australia's most historic towns situated perfectly in the harbour and having a lot of character. 

Length - 10.1km 

Time - 2-4 hours

Vertical Climb - 107m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Nullaki Peninsula, Wildflowers 

Length - 16.9km 

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 420m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Ocean Views, Wildflowers 

Length - 17.2km 

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 352m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - West Cape Howe, Coastal Cliffs 

Length - 12.3km 

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 246m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Cosy Corner, Muttonbird Beach 

Length - 12.4km 

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 117m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Albany Wind Farm, Ocean Views 

Length - 12.7km 

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 117m

Shelter Style - Track Town

Highlights - Ocean Views, The Finish 

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