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Walker on the Bibbulmun Track

Murray to Dookanelly

Bibbulmun Track




4-6 Hours



Date Hiked

4th June 2018



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Wiilman People

The Hike - Day Three of the week between Dwellingup and Collie and a slightly warmer night (only slightly) meant I'd had enough sleep to tackle the easy 17.6km ahead of us. Being the last day of the long weekend meant we were losing two of our members at Driver Rd with Aron and myself pushing on to the finish line in Collie. A typically beautiful misty morning greeted me as I escaped the warmth of my sleeping bag in the shelter and made my way down to the river to take it all in. This is a favourite place of mine and not just because I look after this section as a maintenance volunteer. Having the campsite only 20-30m away from the river and being able to wake up to the magical scenes of the river being swept up in thick mist is a great pleasure and one I look forward to seeing on every visit.