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Mount Wells Bibbulmun Track

White Horse Hills to Mount Wells

Bibbulmun Track


White Horse Hills


4-6 Hours


Mount Wells

Date Hiked

13th September 2019



Campsite Style

Three Room Hut



Traditional Custodians

Wiilman People

The Hike - Day Two of my four day adventure between North Bannister and Dwellingup and it was an early start thanks to the spring sun now rising at 6am. The two gentlemen I was sharing the campsite with were up well before me packing away gear and brewing their morning beverages so I eventually joined them after pretending to be a warm, toasty burrito for a little longer. It was actually quite a pleasant morning with the temperature warm enough to be comfortable in my hiking gear and jacket so I went about brewing up a coffee. As I was doing this the light show of the sun rising through the Jarrah forest was simply epic. A very light mist had enveloped, causing the light refraction to put on a pretty good display.