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Forests near Chadoora on the Bibbulmun Track

Mount Wells to Chadoora

Bibbulmun Track


Mount Wells


4-6 Hours



Date Hiked

13th September 2019



Campsite Style

Deep South



Traditional Custodians

Wiilman People

The Hike - After an uneventful sleep where ghost witches and demons didn't haunt me where I slept (they may have but I'm a heavy sleeper), I woke up to a lovely fog that had formed over Mt Wells. My immediate instinct was to grab my camera and rush out for photos so that's exactly what I did. It wasn't a super thick fog as you could still make out blue sky behind the fire tower but as the morning progressed it kept changing between light and medium cover as the winds swirled around the hill. Stephen was already up packing his hear away and brewing a beverage so I joined him at the table. The sun hadn't quite risen so I made a coffee and took it up to the fire tower to take in the sunrise. With the fog lingering around I was either in for a really nice golden light show or a grey and muted disappointment. What I ended up with was a mix of both.