Dwellingup to Collie

Length - 128km

Campsites - 6

Time - 5-7 days

Date Hiked - June 2018

With plans made to complete my sectional end to end over the summer, this section was a favourite to complete early on as it is one I already familiar with being a maintenance volunteer for two sections (Murray Campsite and between Possum Springs and Yourdamung). With some of the lushest Jarrah forest in the state, the hike from Dwellingup  going south is a delight and although there are intrusions on your wilderness experience here and there, the walk to Collie offers up a good amount of variety and wonder as you travel through a variety of landscapes in different conditions.

Length - 13.3km 

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 300m

Shelter Style - Standard

Highlights - Pine Plantation, Jarrah Forest 

Length - 18.5km 

Time - 4-7 hours

Vertical Climb - 535m

Shelter Style - Deep South

Highlights - Yarragil Form, Murray River 

Length - 17.6km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 415m

Shelter Style - Deep South

Highlights - Murray River, Jarrah Forest 

Length - 22.6km 

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 495m

Shelter Style - Nornalup

Highlights - Bilya Djena, Jarrah Forest 

Length - 19.3km 

Time - 4-7 hours

Vertical Climb - 370m

Shelter Style - Standard

Highlights - Harris River Flats, Plonkhole 

Length - 14km 

Time - 3-4 hours

Vertical Climb - 237m

Shelter Style - Standard

Highlights - Jarrah Forest, Fungi 

Length - 21km 

Time - 4-7 hours

Vertical Climb - 371m

Shelter Style - Track Town

Highlights - Harris Dam, Jarrah Forest

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